Pediatrician, Podcaster, Writer

I am a pediatrician based in Montreal, Canada. I work in a busy urgent care centre in the Montreal area. I have also practiced community and hospital based pediatrics and have worked in Inuit villages of Northern Quebec as part of the Northern and Native Child Health Program of the Montreal Children's Hospital.

I trained in medicine at Université de Montréal and in pediatrics at the Montreal Children's Hospital/McGill University. Before that I worked for world-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs. I have a BA in economics from Yale University. 

I am interested in shedding light on lesser known aspects of medical practice, as well as understanding how medicine intersects with politics, social issues, and culture. I write for various media outlets in English and French on those subjects. 

I was tired of hearing and reading the same platitudes and niceties about medicine, so I decided to interview interesting doctors and other people who know about healthcare. That's how Practicing  came to be. 

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