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Pediatrician, Writer, Podcaster

I am a pediatrician based in Montreal, Canada. 


I'm interested in shedding light on lesser known aspects of medical practice, as well as understanding how medicine intersects with politics, society, and culture. I was a finalist for the Missouri Review's 2022 Perkoff Prize for nonfiction writing on health and medicine. My articles have appeared in the Washington PostHuffington PostStat NewsLa Presse and the Montreal Gazette, among others. You can find links to my writing here. I am currently at work on a novel.

We hear and read lots of platitudes about medicine, and I'm curious to go beyond those narratives. So in 2021 I decided to interview interesting people in health and medicine about their work, ideas and experiences. That's how my podcast, Practicing, came to be. 

I have worked as a community and hospital based pediatrician as well as in Inuit villages in Northern Quebec as part of the Northern and Regions Child Health Program of the Montreal Children's Hospital.

I trained in medicine at Université de Montréal and in pediatrics at the Montreal Children's Hospital/McGill University. I have a BA in economics from Yale University.

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